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The biggest football events are on myCANAL!


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Every weekend it’s the same for football lovers: we look forward to football matches in order to experience the greatest possible emotions and vibrate like at the stadium. Thanks to myCANAL, the CANAL + platform, you can experience the matches of the various European championships with fervor and passion, even if you are not part of the starting 11. Whether live or in replay, all the most beautiful encounters are at your fingertips! And today, CANAL + offers you even more interactive content and new features on myCANAL.

Watch and replay football matches anywhere, anytime on myCANAL

Thanks to the myCANAL platform, you will not miss a crumb of the most great encounters football. The application allowing you to watch the matches whenever you want and wherever you are! How? ‘Or’ What ? It’s very simple, with myCANAL, you have the application on all possible media: TV, living room console, smartphone, tablet … Follow the matches live or in replay with the fonction Start Over which allows you to review the start of the match up to 8 hours back. There will be no more excuses to say that you missed the shock of the weekend. And if unfortunately, with a strong tackle, the spell hits you and two large posters are held simultaneously: draw the Multi-Live ! This function allows you to split your screen in order to follow up to 4 programs at the same time and being able to navigate from one to the other as you wish. And if you are organized, you can too create playlists in order to arrange your programs in different categories to more easily find those which interest you the most!

Think of yourself as Pep Guardiola with Expert mode!

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You sometimes wonder how a team plays, what is the tactical scheme set up by the coach or who has the best possession of the ball? Don’t leave these questions unanswered: the MyCANAL Expert Mode allows you to benefit froma unique and completely immersive Sport experience thanks to rich and exclusive content. You have access to new videos, many live statistics, highlights and match results as well as standings and match notes. The additional cameras, exclusively available on the fields for the retransmission of matches on CANAL +, enhance your experience as a great supporter on myCANAL! Enough to enrich the heated debates with your friends, with supporting figures! In addition, myCANAL offers you programs such as Canal Football Club which brings the best consultants and journalists of the round ball to dissect all the news of football. From documentaries are also on the program with of course the possibility of watching them in replay or downloading them.

The biggest Champions League and Premier League matches on the program

With myCANAL, enjoy the best of the Champions League every week. You can therefore follow all your favorite teams, PSG, Bayern, Real Madrid or even the title holders Chelsea throughout the year. Also complete your football program with Premier League and Ligue 1 matches Uber Eats for a complete football experience! Thanks to the broadcasting of the most beautiful matches and programs dedicated to the three championships, you will discover the rankings and news of your favorite clubs in real time. On myCANAL, the greatest football matches are served to you on a plate and no longer have to miss a single goal or a minute of play. the eyes !

to summarize

On myCANAL, the greatest football matches are served to you on a plate and no longer have to miss a single goal or a minute of play. the eyes !


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