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The black series continues for OM …


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    Lionel Messi (4.5)

    The six-fold Ballon d’Or did not change the game. Long eccentric on the right, he brought danger by adjusting his passes in depth. He was less successful on his strikes, block or above, before disappearing in the second half. Without ever going out …

  • 2/15

    Neymar (3)

    A new performance unworthy of a player of this status. With the exception of a few good deep passes at the start of the match, the Brazilian crack lacked dynamism and the Marseillais took the ball far too easily. At the end, he failed throughout the match, especially with his left strike missed on the goal refused for offside (14th).

  • 3/15

    Duje Caleta-Car (7) and William Saliba (7)

    The two Marseille exchanges were quite impressive. The Croatian, despite an incredible air gap in front of Messi (26th), chained defensive interventions (35th, 39th) and even countered Mbappé in the second half (67th). Saliba, fast and intelligent, was solid until the end, before a last magnificent tackle on the tricolor prodigy.

  • 4/15

    Pau Lopez (7)

    The Spanish goalkeeper saved his team in the first period, deflecting a header from Messi (26th) before winning brilliantly in front of Mbappé and Neymar on the same action (31st). We discover him little by little: he has excellent reflexes.

  • 5/15

    Matteo Guendouzi (6.5)

    Unleashed from the start, as usual, he did both good recovery and recovery, giving rhythm. He did not relax and, when his teammates got tired, he himself raised the ball full axis.

  • 6/15

    Marks (6.5)

    A Parisian captain always so exemplary. Lucid, he read the game well on certain actions in the first half and cleared the danger several times in the second half. Strong to the end.

  • 7/15

    Valentin Rongier (6)

    Again right side in the defensive phase and central midfielder when OM had the ball, the former Nantes player delivered a good performance. He was caught out in depth but was excellent in the duels. In the game, his lucidity was still good. On the other hand, unsurprisingly, he missed out on his two opportunities, including a header just off (65th).

  • 8/15

    Nuno Mendes (6)

    A great riot of energy, he played with great application. Defensively, he is not always well placed but, on this meeting, ensured the blow.

  • 9/15

    Dimitri Payet (5.5)

    OM may have regrets, especially since their untenable number 10 did not manage to save their team with a kick. He seemed tired from the start of the game, but tried to make the difference, as usual, with a few passes and dangerous crosses. It is at the origin of the action of red (57th). He did not “transform” his well placed free kicks.

  • 10/15

    Marco Verratti (5.5)

    As against Leipzig, he was the leader of his team defensively, especially in pressing on opposing midfielders (when Danilo remained more in place). Less brilliant than usual on the restart and released before half-time due to a blow to a hip (45 + 4).

  • 11/15

    Cengiz Under (5)

    Like Payet, he missed the opportunity to win OM. Replaced on the left wing by his trainer, he did not hit as much. He is jostled by Hakimi, who takes red at the hour mark (58th), but, in general, he lacked genius at the finish (41st, 45th + 2, 58th).

  • 12/15

    Kylian Mbappé (4)

    Leading attacker, the tricolor prodigy had the opportunity to go deep on numerous occasions but failed to score. He missed his control in the area (11th), did not finish ahead of Pau Lopez (31st) and was caught by Caleta Car or Saliba in the second half.

  • 13/15

    Arkadiusz Milik (4)

    He could have been the great hero of OM with his goal finally refused for offside (21st). Before that, he missed his recovery from the entry header (3rd), then rarely sprang in front of Marquinhos or Kimpembe. Irregular participation in the game.

  • 14/15

    Angel Di Maria (4)

    Yet available at the start of the match on his left side, he quickly faltered in lack of rhythm and even precision. Exit on time after the red given to Hakimi (61st).

  • 15/15

    Achraf Hakimi (3,5)

    Worrying defensively since the start of the season, the right side did not have much work against an Ünder who did not come to provoke him with the ball. But he mismanaged the Turkish winger’s race and made a mistake which earned him exclusion (57th).

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