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the club announces measures at Groupama Stadium and recommends other strong actions


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If the speech in Lyon on the sidelines of the incidents during the match against OM was not understandable, the gone club was responsible for hammering a news by a press release unveiled on Tuesday. Indeed, OL continues to campaign for individual and non-collective sanctions following incidents of this kind, highlighting the reaction quickly to apprehend the author of the bottle throwing against Dimitri Payet. One way to put pressure on the LFP which must decide for possible sanctions.

In addition, in its press release, OL announces a strong measure, namely the establishment of nets to prevent incidents from its Kops. The gone club also recommends some measures on the decisions to interrupt the match, and the further implementation of video surveillance.

OL press release

OL calls for a collective reflection marked by cold blood after OL / OM

A week after the isolated act that affected Dimitri Payet, Olympique Lyonnais once again wishes to condemn the incident which occurred on November 21. The institution still apologizes to the player, to the Olympique de Marseille, but also to all the spectators who saw their evening spoiled because of one and the same person, who is not a member of the groups of supporters of Olympique Lyonnais.

Olympique Lyonnais thanks all its supporters for their exemplary collective behavior during nearly two hours of waiting until the final end of the match is pronounced. The public authorities appreciated the absence of an incident in the stadium after the bottle was thrown, confirming the control of the organizer over this event bringing together more than 57,000 people, in conjunction with the prefecture and the police.

The club recalls and welcomes the rapidity of the investigation of the case by the courts, made possible by the fact that the individual in question was immediately identified by one of the 400 cameras at Groupama Stadium and exfiltrated by the stewards, among them. of 800 during the match, and entrusted to the police, particularly effective. He was taken into police custody in the judicial room provided for this purpose inside the stadium and sentenced by the courts less than 48 hours later.

The football world rightly condemned this incident, reacting with strong emotion in a context marked by the previous weeks, following collective incivilities involving many people: fights of supporters in the stands, invasion of the field threatening the players. , and massive jets of projectiles on lawns.

The individual and isolated act which took place on November 21 in Lyon cannot be compared to the vast majority of collective incidents since the start of the season. Therefore, it is imperative that a distinction be made between collective acts of violence and degradation, and isolated acts that no one can anticipate or prevent.

Identical sanctions for these same types of acts, as for isolated acts, today pose major risks to clubs for their sustainability. The club, also a victim of the aggressor’s actions, filed a civil action. The possible loss of revenue of more than 3.5 million euros, not to mention the repercussions of the precautionary measure and the disciplinary consequences, would occur in a context of already difficult crisis for Olympique Lyonnais as for other clubs which are struggling to exit. of COVID.

Moreover, Olympique Lyonnais, in the name of sporting and economic equity and to guarantee fair competition, asks that the decisions that will be taken in the future be consistent with those taken since the start of the season and include the fundamental rule of proportionality. This same homogeneity is essential in the same championship in order to guarantee equity between clubs. As such, the club asks to be judged against the reality of the facts.

After the time of legitimate emotion, comes the time of putting things into perspective and finding solutions. Olympique Lyonnais will install nets in front of the bends, an additional measure that will be added to the CCTV cameras, stewards and the work of the supporters’ referents, employed full time by the club (SLO). If the prevention of isolated acts remains difficult to apply, we must ensure that we all tend towards a more firm and severe cyclical deterrence that only justice can provide as in England. In addition, it is essential that the dialogue with the supporters resumes in particular, with the national body of supporterism (INS).

Likewise, Olympique Lyonnais will plead with the authorities so that the next decision-making on the resumption or not of a match is made within a period of 15 to 20 minutes maximum. To limit the pressures and influences, Olympique Lyonnais proposes that only the referee, the delegates, the prefect and the holder of the delegation of responsibility have the floor during discussions on the outcome of the match and that all comments is recorded in a report.

Olympique Lyonnais suggests that investments in security, cameras, identification of places and minimum number of stewards depending on the crowds, be the subject of a precise protocol and endorsed by the football authorities. As the judgment of November 23 showed, immediate identification allowed the courts to condemn the aggressor firmly and quickly, like what has been successfully undertaken in England for several years. Only the exemplary nature of the individual sanction is dissuasive.

Therefore, Olympique Lyonnais cannot accept having to carry the entire football crisis on its own shoulders.

to summarize

After the interview with OL leaders this morning in the columns of the Team, the gone club is putting it back on Wednesday morning with a press release. OL take the opportunity to announce the establishment of nets in their Kops and calls for other measures.

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