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the club’s big announcement against the Velodrome troublemakers


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If the Classico went well on the pitch, the atmosphere was a little more tense in the stands. There were projectiles thrown at some PSG players. What made Dimitri Payet mad with rage at the end of the meeting. Jacques Cardoze, OM’s communications director, assured that there would be sanctions.

“Of course, not everything went very well, but we also have to put ourselves in a context. This is the first time in two years that a stadium has been filled with 65,000 people and maybe even more. (…) We have made efforts, I think we are on the right track. Those who are troublemakers, we file a complaint against them, there is no question that there will be no sanction, ”he said at RTL’s microphone.

to summarize

Jacques Cardoze, OM’s communications director, assured that the club will sanction troublemakers. Some PSG players have received projectiles during corners.

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