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the Girondins are sinking, two worrying stats confirm it


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Another very painful setback for the Girondins de Bordeau this Sunday. The Bordeaux club, on the Monaco lawn, will have suffered the law of the Principality’s players in a spectacular way. What confirms the very complicated start to the season for Vladimir Petkovic’s men, who are unable to find any cruising speed.

With two terrible statistics at the time of the balance sheet. With 7 points after 9 days, Bordeaux has posted its worst record since the 1972/73 season if we consider the three-point victories. Moreover, with 20 goals conceded, the Bordelais posted their worst record since the 1959/60 season!

to summarize

The Girondins de Bordeaux have just suffered another heavy defeat on the lawn of Monaco (0-3). With a particularly worrying statistical finding. Two figures clearly outline the Gironde crisis.

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