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The League of Nations, a jackpot of 10.5 million


The League of Nations, which offers a high-end Final Four (Spain-Italy and France Belgium), will offer a nice check to its winner.

It’s better than a friendly match, that’s for sure. The League of Nations, which will offer a final royal square with a rematch of a semi-final of Euro 2020 (Spain-Italy) and a semi-final of the World Cup (France-Belgium), is a competition richly endowed.

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The team that will win will thus offer a check for 10.5 million euros for its federation. The finalist will receive 9 million euros, the third in the competition will have 8 million euros, and the last will leave with a consolation prize of 7 million euros. The four nations were indeed guaranteed to collect at least 6 million euros for their qualification for this Final Four.

Mbappé wants to win it

This is of course a smaller endowment than Euro 2020, which brought in 28.5 million euros for Italy, and 14.5 million euros for the French federation. But this competition, created after the 2018 World Cup, can thus represent an interesting secondary objective, financially therefore, but also sporting.

“If we win the League of Nations, it will immediately bring back a positive momentum, thus hopes Kylian Mbappé in the columns of L’Equipe. To beat Belgium, and Italy or Spain, afterwards, that would be a striking message. At first, we say to ourselves that it’s a friendly thing, and then when you see all the recognition, the publicity around the victory of Portugal (in 2019), you say to yourself, well, okay, we are going to play it , U.S. too. “

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