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the LFP facing a dead end?


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Olympique de Marseille can tremble. Yesterday, the disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League (LFP) rendered a first verdict as a precaution for ASSE. Following the events surrounding the pre-match against Angers, the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium will be behind closed doors for the reception of Clermont, and the visitor parking lot closed for the trip to Metz, pending a new judgment. On the side of OM, the shock against PSG was also the scene of several incidents: smoke, throwing projectiles, intrusion on the ground of a supporter … enough to give a hard time to the LFP which , according to information from the team, will wait until November 3 to give a final ruling on the situation.

The LFP in a dead end

Two outcomes are therefore conceivable: either the LFP strikes hard and withdraws the point of reprieve which hovers over the heads of the Phocéens, or it decides not to withdraw it, judging the acts of Classico less serious than those of Angers and Nice. Either way, she would end up losing. Indeed, in the event of withdrawal, it would directly influence the final classification of Ligue 1, which could cause harm in the event of a tiny gap at the end of the season, and a possible European qualification removed from the hands of OM. If not withdrawn, this could be seen as an admission of weakness, an inability to hit hard and maintain continuity in these decisions.

On the side of OM, we press the fact that the incidents of PSG are less serious than those against Nice or Angers, to try to avoid the withdrawal of points, as explained the team. Above all, the LFP appreciated the upstream communication from OM, whether via Pablo Longoria, Dimitri Payet, or the various messages sent by the club. What to coax the disciplinary committee? See you on November 3 to find out more.

to summarize

Following the incidents of Classico OM – PSG, the LFP has not yet delivered its judgment, unlike ASSE sanctioned by a match behind closed doors, a problem exists. Both sanctions could be misinterpreted by the club.

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