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the sale finally postponed, the Cambodian project in difficulty?


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Saturday, while ASSE sank at home against Bordeaux (2-1 defeat at home), the redemption process experienced a new rebound. Indeed, The Parisian revealed that the Cambodian prince Norodom Ravichak was applying to take over the stable from Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo, an intention later confirmed in an interview with RFI. However, the more hours go by, the more credibility his candidacy loses.

This morning is everyday Progress which expresses doubts in its edition of the day, indicating that the Ravichak project would not have filed the famous “entry ticket” of 100 million euros to access the dataroom. But above all, the newspaper indicates that the sporting situation of the club does not push investors to speed up the process. The leaders hope to sell before December 31 to see the buyers invest in the transfer window and save ASSE from a possible descent. However, in the event of demotion in Ligue 2, the star club would undoubtedly be much cheaper for a buyer who would have less pressure in addition. A weighty argument to try to lower the price of 100 million euros advocated by the Romeyer-Caïazzo duo since the official sale last April.

to summarize

ASSE could see its sale postponed until next summer. The poor results of the club do not push investors to accelerate the process of buying the club who could therefore wait until next summer to take action.

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