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the stat ‘which gives hope to the Greens, but which pushes Bordeaux


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Nothing is going well in Forez, but are there still reasons to hope to see ASSE save itself? 20th after 11 days of the championship, Claude Puel’s men are at the bottom of the hole, despite the draw point against Angers in the final seconds, as against OL. The supporters displayed their dissatisfaction with numerous smoke bombs, which exceeded the League. The disciplinary commission has imposed, at least for the moment, an administrative closure of Geoffroy-Guichard, which will therefore be empty against Clermont-Ferrand, as well as a travel ban for Metz.

ASSE lacking success

In view of all these elements, one might think that the turn has already been played for the Greens who will continue their adventure in Ligue 2. However, if we refer to the classification of Expected Points, based on the famous Expected Goals, the ‘ASSE is not so picky. Indeed, the Stéphanois even point to 16th place in the standings. A reason for hope that represents the matches of the Foréziens, often encouraging, but rarely rewarded at their fair value. On the contrary, the Girondins de Bordeaux are last in this ranking, while they are currently in 17th place. In the lead, OM would only be 10th (currently 4th), Nice 3rd (currently 4th). Enough to question the future performance of successful teams.

to summarize

ASSE can still have hope despite its 20th place in Ligue 1. The Greens are 16th if we take the classification of Expected Points, ahead of Bordeaux the last. The ranking of the Expected Goals is indicative of some success.

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