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the truth about the management of the Sergio Ramos case internally


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For weeks, the Sergio Ramos case has generated a lot of comments from PSG observers. It must be said that by obtaining the arrival of a legend from the Spanish selection and Real Madrid, the capital club no doubt hoped to be able to benefit from his services much earlier. Almost four months after his arrival, Sergio Ramos has still not played, annoyed by calf concerns.

And while his recovery is constantly delayed, Leonardo has reframed the criticisms on the subject last night, ensuring that the club in the capital was very quiet about his convalescence. Absolute tranquility internally confirmed by RMC this Saturday. According to the radio website, “there is no internal concern today about the situation of the 35-year-old. The club repeat that its rookie is working again and again to return to his best level. But today PSG does not need a 70% player, but 100% like the others ”. PSG therefore intends to take all the time necessary to see a Sergio Ramos return to the top on the field.

to summarize

Sergio Ramos, the central defender of PSG, remains a capital subject while he has not played since his arrival at the Paris club. But obviously, and as Leonardo expressed after the meeting against Lille, the concern is not at all appropriate.

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