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the Vélodrome in fusion, the strong image between Longoria and the son of Bernard Tapie!


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If the emotion was palpable at the time of the arrival of Bernard Tapie’s coffin on the lawn of the Vélodrome, Marseille supporters quickly set fire to the enclosure by singing to the glory of their former president, while the title of Queen “We Are The Champions“echoed.

In addition, representatives of groups of ultras wished to address their affection to the man who put OM on the roof of Europe in 1993. After this ceremony, the coffin of the Marseille Boss left the enclosure. The strong image of the latter is the hug between Pablo Longoria and Stéphane Tapie, the son of Bernard Tapie.

The latter, interviewed by BFM TV, did not hide his emotion: “I said I was taking him home. He’s at home. The supporters were there, Longoria welcomed us with open arms. The players too. He would be proud. And he is proud. There he is, he is on the lawn. Every now and then there will be magic tackles coming out of the pitch. He’s at home.

to summarize

If the arrival of Bernard Tapie’s coffin in the Vélodrome enclosure initially moved Olympique de Marseille supporters, the latter quickly set fire to the enclosure while groups of ultras read words in his memory.

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