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The World Cup every two years on track


Gianni Infantino, the president of Fifa, assures that his World Cup project every two years is favored by the majority of nations.

Fifa continues to push for its reform of the international calendar, which would include organizing the World Cup every two years. At the end of a planetary summit between all footballing nations, Gianni Infantino reaffirmed his confidence. And ensures that, despite the opposition of UEFA and the South American confederation (Conmebol), his project has many supporters.

“If we were to vote tomorrow, the majority would probably vote in favor of a World Cup every two years, the FIFA president told a press conference, relays Reuters. But that’s not the point, we’re looking at the whole schedule and how we can improve football and how many more people we can involve with a new way of organizing the future of football. “

The next Fifa congress is scheduled for March 31 in Doha, but Infantino did not specify whether the reform project would be voted on at that time. « It is about making the right decisions for football and we will take the time it takes to arrive at that decision. I will not commit to anything at Congress. Everything is open and flexible ”, he confided.

More income for small countries, promises Fifa

At the end of November, a study highlighted the fact that the World Cup every two years could cause club football and UEFA to lose 8 billion euros over a period of four years. The reason ? More international matches would mean fewer club matches, so less TV income, home matches, and matches to be played on weekdays rather than weekends. An audit firm requested by UEFA predicted a loss of 2 to 3 billion euros per period.

Fifa has its own figures, via the American group Nielsen, and ensures that with two World Cups in four years, it could generate $ 11.4 million, against $ 8 million with a World Cup with 48 teams every four years. These some 3.5 million dollars would be allocated as a priority to a solidarity fund for small nations, so that they can develop. And that they have all the reasons to vote in favor of the project …

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