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Towards an unprecedented sanction for OL?


On December 8, the verdict of the Disciplinary Commission will fall on the fate of Olympico which could not be played last Sunday in Lyon. With an unprecedented sanction for OL?

Saturday on the eve of the championship game l’OL To Montpellier, Jason Denayer did not hide his concern about the outcome of the Olympico, stopped last Sunday after only four minutes of play at Groupama Stadium, on a projectile hit by the poor Dimitri Payet. « What worries us above all is that the sanction is taken against a single person, and that it falls on us all, says the Belgian defender. It’s a bit sad for football and for all the people who were at the stadium and who are not affected by this act. We are a little concerned about this decision. »

Former president of the National Management Control Department (DNCG), François Ponthieu, in the pages of the Journal du Dimanche, suggests a nuanced sanction against OL, which as a home team is responsible for the good organization and behavior of the match. ” Matches must be stopped in the event of violence, whether or not it concerns the players, and the clubs responsible must be penalized with withdrawals of points. Cause these are the only measures they really fear “, Breathes the person, who in 2012 had run for the presidency of the French Football Federation (FFF).

3 penalty points and a game to replay?

« In my opinion, the offending club should be penalized with three points, and the match replayed with the public at the same place, adds François Ponthieu. Why favor collective punishment when the public present at the stadium is most often in no way responsible for the excesses observed? The recipient could sportingly recover the three points withdrawn in application of the regulations, and the visitor would benefit from the points he deserves on the field. »

It remains to be seen whether the Disciplinary Commission will retain this option, which would certainly not please President Aulas, who considered his club sufficiently punished with the closed session already pronounced for the reception of Reims 1is December. As a reminder, following the serious overflows observed during NiceIF on August 22, the Gym received two penalty points, one of which was suspended. The meeting was also given to replay, behind closed doors and on neutral ground (in Troyes).

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