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Under fire from critics in Brazil, Neymar receives crucial support


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Neymar was able to verify it during the last international break, nothing is forgiven in Brazil and a tasteless performance against Colombia earned him heavy criticism, Neymar also expressing his discomfort a few days later in a documentary where he announced that he was considering international retirement after 2022.

Criticism is endless in Brazil but luckily the Brazilian can count on some heavy support. In the columns of the Parisian, Ronaldinho defended Neymar. First of all by avoiding any questioning of his lifestyle. ” Each his own. I’m happy to see him like that, to see that he’s one of the best players in the world. He’s our idol. It’s nice to see him play like that and shine with Brazil ”.

Ronaldinho talks about constant pressure on Neymar

It must be said that Ronaldinho is well placed to know the enormous pressure surrounding Neymar in his country. His eldest therefore does not hesitate to give him a message of support. “I don’t like comparisons. Everyone has their own moment. We all go through difficult times. But I think everyone in Brazil knows that he is the greatest player today. It’s just that when things aren’t going well, it’s harder for him. Because it is the biggest. So that’s normal: when things are going well, all is well. But when things aren’t going well, there is more pressure on him. This has been the case since the start of his career. The world expects him to make a difference in every game. And, that is not easy. “

to summarize

While Neymar has to deal with regular criticism in Brazil, the PSG striker knows he can at least count on some heavy support. In the columns of the Parisian, the Brazilian Ronaldinho clearly defended it.

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