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“We have what we deserve”, the uncompromising analysis of Romain Thomas


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This is one of the big surprises of the Coupe de France weekend. Linas-Montlhéry, formation of National 3, took out Angers this Sunday afternoon. A victory (2-0) without trembling with an advantage quickly taken and then held brilliantly.

After the meeting, at the microphone of Eurosport, Romain Thomas released a very clear analysis of the rout of his people. “Anyway, we all know the Coupe de France, we know that the heart, the desire … I think we played a serious game as the coach told us, but we must show more creativity. They deserved the qualification more than us by being more realistic than us. We have what we deserve ”.

Romain Thomas, moreover, refused to hide behind the turnover of Gerald Baticle and the lack of automation. “We cannot hide behind excuses. We train all year long together, we missed everything tonight to get through, ”admitted the Angevin defender.

to summarize

Romain Thomas, the central defender of Angers, recognized the superiority of Linas-Montlhéry after the sad elimination in the Coupe de France. According to him, even with a reshuffled team, the SCO had no excuse in this meeting.

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