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World Cup qualifiers: Ukraine is relaunching itself and doing France a favor


In the group of France in qualifying for the World Cup, Ukraine acquired its first success by disposing of Finland at home (2-1).

After five draws in as many matches, Ukraine finally have their first qualifying success for the 2022 World Cup. Yarmolenko and his team-mates won on to Finland. Obtained hard, this success puts them back in the saddle in the race for the famous for Qatar. And, in turn, he brings the gang to Deschamps closer to the final phase of the planetary tournament.

This time Ukraine has not let go

Ukraine managed the feat of holding the France team in check twice in these qualifications, but they disappointed in their other outings by accumulating points sharing. On several occasions, Petrakov’s men (and Shevchenko before) let victories slip away towards the end. This time, they were able to ensure that this mishap did not happen.

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A brace from captain Yarmolenko allowed the visitors to find themselves in front of the mark after 36 minutes of play. Between these two goals, Pukki had equalized for the premises, but at 1-2 the score did not change. The Ukrainians did everything to preserve the victory, defending like starvation on every ball.

Les Bleus one victory in qualifying

Faced with a regrouped block, the Nordiques were reduced to attempting individual exploits to try to get back to the mark. But, it was not their specialty, even if the brilliant Pukki tried to force the decision through a series of dribbles (71st). To witness a real alert, it was not until a free kick in the 77th on which Pyatov intervened badly but which the defender Arajuuri could not exploit. The technical limits of this selection have come to light, just as they were a month ago in Lyon.

With this result, Ukraine moved to second place in the pool, four points behind France. Finland are three points behind, with one game less. This means that the Blues are only one victory away from stamping their ticket for Qatar. They should hopefully validate it on November 13 at the Kazakhstan reception. But, beware, beware of overconfidence. Deschamps, who had experienced a similar configuration in 1993, knows that football can sometimes hold many surprises.


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