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Zidane, Messi, Sergio Ramos, Neymar … Leonardo’s updates!


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If Leonardo’s comments on Kylian Mbappé or Mauricio Pochettino had already leaked in recent hours, the sports director of PSG has confided in length on multiple subjects. On the potential interest of PSG on Zidane, Leonardo denies everything. “We never contacted neither (Zinédine) Zidane, nor any other coach. With (Thomas) Tuchel, before speaking to Pochettino, we had not spoken with another. We never contacted Zidane. “

Leonardo also confided in a few individual cases including Sergio Ramos. “We knew he had injuries from last season and we were going to have to deal with them, wait. But it’s true that we had some surprises, ”explains the Brazilian leader, who is rather confident for the future. “Regarding the presence, the mentality, the personality, it would be really important to have him with us for the second part of the season”.

Lionel Messi is also on the menu, with very strong points. “Messi is indisputable for me. If you start talking about Messi, it’s because you haven’t understood anything about football. We cannot doubt. If you look at Messi’s figures, his first six months are incredible, ”asserts Leonardo, who rejects criticism of his investment. “Who says he has to run 12 kilometers in every game? He’s been playing the same way for 20 years. Those who think it works are the ones looking for the problems ”.

Finally, Leonardo defends Neymar. “Neymar does not want to change his essence. And it won’t change even if people say things right and left ”. Before igniting for Donnarumma and Hakimi. “You have in this team, two 22-year-old players, (Achraf) Hakimi and (Gianluigi) Donnarumma, who, for me, are the best right-back in the world and the best goalkeeper.”

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Leonardo, the sports director of PSG, confided in length on the antenna of Europe 1. The opportunity to return to the hot news of the moment. In particular the cases of Zinédine Zidane, Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos or Neymar …

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