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Zouaoui’s lawyer charges Benzema


In his plea, Mustapha Zouaoui’s lawyer relied on the fact that his client had never met Mathieu Valbuena, unlike Karim Benzema.

If the five defendants in the Mathieu Valbuena sextape affair are all accused of blackmail or attempted blackmail, their fates are not linked. And, above all, their interests are not necessarily common.

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Thus, to defend his client, Mustapha Zouaoui’s lawyer did not hesitate to highlight the role played by Karim Benzema in this case. In his plea, Maître Money underlined the fact that his client had “never been in contact” with Mathieu Valbuena, unlike Benzema. “He is the first intermediary to speak face to face with Valbuena. Until now, no one has had contact with Valbuena, but it happens with Karim Benzema ”, he stressed, relays RMC.

To go further, and faced with Zouaoui’s sometimes confusing behavior during this trial, Master Money demanded that his client be entitled to “The same righteousness as one who is beautiful, rich and elegant”, which is still an indirect way of targeting Benzema.

As a reminder, in his indictment, the deputy prosecutor also insisted on the special status of the Real Madrid striker. ” It carries an image, a history, a reputation, all these values“, He had stipulated.

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