Klopp denounces the Newcastle scandal

New football superpower in the making, Newcastle has passed into the hands of a country which has obvious human rights problems, annoys Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool travels to Watford on Saturday to open Matchday 8 of the Premier League. But it was another club that was at the center of Jurgen Klopp’s press conference on Friday. It is Newcastle, bought during the international truce by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund. And that does not please the manager of Reds at all. “I was waiting for an official press release from Richard Masters (the CEO of the Premier League, editor’s note), because there are obvious problems with human rights”, underlined the German technician in reference to what can happen in the country led by Mohammed ben Salman.

Beyond this aspect of society, Klopp also takes a dim view of the arrival a competitor with unparalleled financial potential, and compares the takeover of the Magpies to the attempt to create the Super League. “We have a controversy this year about the Super League, which did not take place, and that’s good, explains the former Dortmund coach. There, it’s like creating a great team. Newcastle fans are going to love it, but for the rest of us it’s a new super power looming. If I have followed correctly, it is the third club owned by a country (in reference to Manchester City and PSG, note). This is what we are up against. “

Klopp is therefore wary of Newcastle, but also predicts difficulties for the Magpies. “Making good decisions is more important than having money, he explains. It doesn’t worry me. In 2019, when we won, there were also two countries in the competition (still PSG and Man City, note). It is always possible to win football matches even when your opponent is more financially powerful. “

“Newcastle are not yet saved this season, observe Klopp. It is not 100% sure that they will be maintained (Steve Bruce’s team is 19th, editor’s note). This could slow down their project. That (the growth of Newcastle, note) will not happen overnight. There will be a lot of changes in the years to come. It’s a huge project, but it’s still football. We can win matches against them. In 5, 6 or 7 years, if the owners are patient, they will be a new superpower. And maybe they will buy the championship. ”

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