Lens: Lensois hero Saïd highlights the team’s state of mind!

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A beautiful revenge! Disappeared from the radar after leaving Dijon for Toulouse, Wesley Saïd has returned to center stage by signing up with RC Lens this summer. Author of the winning goal against OM (3-2) this evening, the former Rennais wanted to highlight the collective: “Obviously, I am very happy on an individual level. After what needs to be emphasized is the team’s state of mind. We are joined and we have the mind to keep pushing and we had a great collective game. I felt pretty good at this stadium, despite the pressure from the Olympians fans. From start to finish, we didn’t give up. On the failed face to face, I find myself facing the goal, I try to fix it and place the ball next to the goalkeeper. I think he is beaten but the foot has decided otherwise. The right foot was a bit stiff, but I stayed focused. I had difficult months, I told myself that this was not what was going to bring me down and I managed to score this 3rd goal and which makes the game win. There are ambitions in the locker room, but we won’t say that in public. It’s a group that lives well, you can feel it. There is a big cohesion, a big solidarity and it is felt in every match“he declared on Prime Video.

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Wesley Saïd reacted after the victory of RC Lens on the lawn of Olympique de Marseille (3-2).

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