Ligue 1: match played at 1 p.m., Marseille attacks the LFP

It’s a scourge that players have been denouncing for several years: overloaded calendars. In recent years, meetings and competitions have continued to multiply, imposing on the main players a pace that is difficult for organizations to assume. Olympique de Marseille know something about it, because they are playing in a European Cup. The Olympians played Thursday night against Lazio Rome in the Europa League, before continuing at 1 pm this Sunday against FC Metz .. Tight.

The Marseillais raised against the programming

A recovery time much too low in the eyes of the club president, Pablo Longoria, very upset against the LFP. According to him, scheduling the reception of Garnets at 1 p.m. is a real anomaly. He was therefore not asked to proclaim it loud and clear before the start of the meeting. “We need recovery, it’s not normal to play a Europa League game on Thursday night at 9 p.m. and to play three days later at 1 p.m. It’s not just for the OM, it’s like Olympique Lyonnais last week who also played at 1 p.m. (against Nice, 2-3) on Sunday after a match in Prague, in the Europa League, on Thursday “, railed the Spaniard, annoyed.

“These are things to be avoided for the sake of the championship,” added Pablo Longoria, guest speaker at Prime Video. Same story for the Marseille supporters, but for different reasons … “Match at 13h for foreign TVs: judgment of OM-PSG shifted to hide you from being the only country to close the stands for their fervor… this same fervor which serves you for the promotion of your Ligue 1. The ridiculous continues “, wrote the South Winners, via a banner.

Antonio Conte starts with a draw at Tottenham

Result of the races, a match played in a less volcanic atmosphere than usual and ended with a final score of 0-0. Indeed not the best promotion for French football … Following this draw, Marseille misses the opportunity to get back on the podium and points to 4th place in the standings.


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