Lucas Hernandez has ten days to enter prison

The Bayern Munich defender has gone to provincial court to retrieve the summons for which he is expected to go to jail.

Lucas Hernandez appeared this Monday at the Criminal Court n ° 32 in Madrid to collect the requirement by which the ten-day term is activated to go to prison before October 28 for a “crime of violation of the penalty” of the restraining order he had with his ex-girlfriend.

“Lucas Françoise BH showed up at 11:30 am this morning, of his own free will, a day before being summoned by the 32nd Criminal Court of Madrid, to be summoned to prison for a violation of sentence.

“Since the person concerned has received the request for admission to prison on October 18, 2021, the ten-day period for voluntary presentation in prison expires at 24:00 hours on Thursday, October 28”, details the statement made public by the courts on the case of the defender of Bayern Munich.

However, the press release from the High Court of Justice specifies that “at the same time, section 26 of the Provincial Court of Madrid deals with the appeal presented by its legal representation against the order of remand in custody”.

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The defender of Bayern Munich and his lawyers have indeed filed an appeal to try to avoid the incarceration of the player, accused of having broken a removal measure with his former companion.

After a marital brawl, they had both been sentenced in 2017 to community service and six months of removal, which was not respected.

The person concerned had received a summons to appear in recent days and therefore presented himself to the Spanish courts. It remains to be seen whether he will have to be imprisoned in the days to come.


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