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🚨The Ligue 2 college votes for a transition to 18 teams


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The Ligue 2 college has made a decision. After a long reflection at the headquarters of the Professional Football League, the transition to a championship made up of 18 clubs has been voted. According to information from RMC Sport, 78% of voters are for a reduction in the number of teams. This subject continues to be debated. Indeed, a large majority of Ligue 2 players want to keep the championship at 20 clubs after a survey carried out a few days ago.

According to a club president, the transition to 18 teams is essential to save Ligue 2. “Everyone agrees that Ligue 2 must evolve. If there is no restructuring, our championship will be dead. The idea of ​​going to 18 clubs is relatively adopted by everyone. We need a project, this is the work we are going to carry out now, ”he told RMC Sport.

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The Ligue 2 college is voting for a transition to 18 teams. A decision that is likely to be debated, since a majority of players want to keep the championship to 20 teams.

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