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a former player drops a crazy anecdote on Pablo Longoria!


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Since the start of its Europa League campaign, OM has not been varnished. Achieving good performances, the Marseillais did not sign the slightest victory, contenting themselves with four draws. Nothing to worry about Charles Kaboré, passed by the Olympian club between 2007 and 2013. In an interview with La Provence, the Burkinabé remains confident about Marseille’s chances of qualifying in the round of 16: “I believe it. Lazio are better than Galatasaray and OM dominated Lazio. If they play in Istanbul the same match as in Rome, the Olympians will win. The Sampaoli team are better away than at home, so I firmly believe in it …“he blurted out.

Kaboré under the spell of Longoria!

During this interview, he told a nice anecdote as he met the President, Pablo Longoria after the meeting: “I met the president in the parking lot and he surprised me. He knew me! He called me Charles and reminded me of the CAN in Congo DRC that he had followed, that I myself had forgotten, that dates … He also told me about the two matches that I had played in the European Cup with Krasnodar with Valencia when he worked at the Spanish club. In two minutes, he gave me all these details: the results of the two matches, the CAN, his knowledge is great …“he concluded. A real football fan!

to summarize

Present during the match between OM and Lazio Rome, a former Marseille player gave a crisp anecdote about Pablo Longoria. Indeed, Charles Kaboré indicated that the Olympian president had reminded him of memories, which he himself had forgotten.

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