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A move to 18 or 22 clubs? The players say no!


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While the Professional Football League will make a decision for Ligue 2 at its general assembly in early December, the UNFP gave the floor to the players. Main players in the championship, nearly 300 players had the opportunity to respond to a survey on the expansion to 22 clubs, or a move to 18 or a retention of 20 teams. The survey consisted of three questions. Do you have enough rest time, do you have too many games and what is your preferred Ligue 2 format. According to information from RMC Sport, the result is final. Almost 71% want to keep this format already in place.

Quentin Bernard, player of AJ Auxerre, explained his vote at the microphone of RMC Sport. “Me, I was more in favor of a League 2 to 22. I really have trouble hearing that with a championship at 18, we will recover money … A simple example: for my club, the ticket office on a match, that’s around 150,000 euros at the moment. It is not negligible ! So this poll is really important. We are the players in our championship and we have our say, ”he said. One thing is certain, if the LFP decides to move to 18 or 22 clubs in Ligue 2, a large majority of players are likely to be angry.

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Nearly 71% of Ligue 2 players are against moving to 18 or 22 clubs. They conducted a survey, and the result is final. The LFP will meet in December to make a decision.

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