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a revelation on Sergio Ramos is controversial, scathing denial in Spain!


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This is information that has gone relatively unnoticed on our side of the Pyrenees but which has provoked hours of debate in Spain for a few days. L’Equipe has indeed announced that Sergio Ramos, the Spanish defender of PSG, touched six million euros net per year within the club of the capital.

Information that jumped in Spain. Indeed, Sergio Ramos received much higher emoluments when he wore the captain’s armband of Real Madrid, and would therefore have accepted a major effort to join PSG. A data seen as a snub in view of the intransigence of Sergio Ramos, during long months, when he was negotiating with Real Madrid before the club merengue decided not to keep the Spanish defender.

Sergio Ramos does not win less than Real Madrid

But these protracted debates have prompted the Spanish media to look into the issue more precisely. And the journalist Juanfe Sanz Perez, in the program El Chiringuito, assured for his part that information taken, Sergio Ramos would not win less than what he touched at Real Madrid. The net six million per year would not therefore represent reality?

to summarize

In recent days, on the side of Spain, the Sergio Ramos case has fueled the debates. With information in particular that makes people talk. His salary indeed arouses comments, and even contradictory information.

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