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after a failed vice, Neymar provoked a big rant!


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PSG can be reassured. Little by little, he seems to find a Neymar capable of influencing the game.Available to help his partners find a relay in the game, the Brazilian was above all the trigger for the Parisian equalizer, with a class action punctuated by a perfect opening for Kylian Mbappé, decisive passer for Wijnaldum.

Without being frankly decisive, Neymar therefore weighed on this Leipzig – PSG, and tried to be even more so at the end of the match. Indeed, the Parisian of the day notes that the Brazilian tried “as a trickster, to disturb the shooter Szoboszlai by talking to him” at the end of the match, while the Leipzig player had to take charge of the equalizing penalty … finally transformed.

The referee accused of being a Neymar groupie!

A failed coup for Neymar who, despite himself, found himself at the heart of a post-match scandal. Very unhappy with the refereeing, Jesse Marsch did not mince his words after the meeting at the microphone of DAZN, accusing the referee of behaving like a groupie of the Brazilian!

“I was really angry with the referee’s performance from the start of the match. I have often seen all these big clubs get all the respect from the referees. The only thing that changes is when I intensify my emotions. I repeat: either you swallow everything or you react with emotion to get a little more respect. In many moments it was as if he wanted an autograph from Neymar after the game. Of course, it’s good to have Mbappé, Neymar and Di Maria here in Leipzig. But let’s have a normal match that we can say: it was fair. He didn’t protect us and that was my only way to show him my anger. He was not good. Even for the second penalty, he had to watch the VAR when the fault was obvious! “, Let loose the German coacu in remarks relayed by RMC.

to summarize

Neymar found himself on all fronts when the game between Leipzig and PSG ended. After having tried everything to disturb the penalty taker, the Brazilian found himself in the center of a big rant from the Leipzig coach after the meeting.

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