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Antonetti’s proposal to improve the coaching profession!


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Frédéric Antonetti wants to innovate! The coach of FC Metz proposed to establish time-outs during football matches in a paper published in L’Équipe this Saturday: “I have never used small papers, because I have a voice that carries. I rely on my experienced players to get the messages across. During the last match in Marseille, when we find ourselves outnumbered, I go to 5-3-1 by making between Matthieu Udol, then in 4-4-1 by replacing him with Vincent Pajot. Each time, I explain it to the player who enters and it is quickly transmitted. I like to intervene and, personally, I am even for the establishment of one-minute timeouts in football. You will see that we will get there one day. »A good idea that could see the light of day in the next few years!

Mourinho as Antonetti

Frédéric Antonetti, the coach of FC Metz, is not the only one to want to introduce timeouts in football. José Mourinho (AS Roma) is also in favor of this innovation, and this since his second term at Chelsea.

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