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battle in court for a huge check!


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In addition to the Hamraoui-Diallo affair, PSG is preparing to experience another internal battle. Indeed, the vice-champion of France intends to assert his rights in the transfer of Giovani Lo Celso, passed from Betis Seville to Tottenham in 2019. In question, the added value received by the club.

Paris wants more!

Based on information from As, the Parisian club had loaned the Argentinian to the Andalusians as part of a paying loan of 3 million euros with a purchase option of 22 million euros that the latter had paid. On this occasion, the Rouge et Bleu had inserted a 20% resale clause on the future transfer.

Only, in the summer of 2019, the Verdiblancos decide to sell the native of Rosario to the Spurs in a formula similar to the one that the Spaniards had used to buy him namely a loan paying 16 million euros before the English did exercise the € 32 million purchase option. This is where the dispute arises. In addition, the Parisians believe that the Sevillians have not transmitted the entire amount promised to them. When the Betis believes that it should only grant the 20% of the 32 million euros, the PSG says that it is the total amount that must be taken into account (32 + 16), that is to say 48 million euros. This is how the CAS which will decide the dispute between the two clubs. As a reminder, in the event of a favorable sanction, Paris could receive a nice check for 6 million euros.

to summarize

PSG should soon go to court where they hope to draw a nice check for 6 million euros. Indeed, Paris believes that Betis Sevilla owes him more money as part of the transfer of Giovani Lo Celso to Tottenham.

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