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Benzema-Mbappé, “excellent news for Real”


For journalist Dominique Grimault, the good understanding between Mbappé and Benzema risks doing the business of Real Madrid.

If there was little doubt about the rise of their association, it still took a little time for the mayonnaise to set. But against Kazakhstan and Finland, Kylian Mbappé and Karim Benzema have put everyone in agreement: their understanding on and off the field is sparking, to the delight of the France team and its supporters.

A connection that could in the future also make the heyday of the Real Madrid, fears Dominique Grimault. It must be said that Casa Blanca dreams of associating the two men next season. While Bondy’s kid sees his contract with the Paris Saint Germain come to an end next June, Madrid’s leaders intend to jump at the opportunity to enlist the former Monegasque “free”.

« JI think there is Real Madrid behind ”

“It was first of all two men who found each other, two players who have extraordinary talent and who are above all in total and shared respect. Kylian admires Karim and Karim admires Kylian, thus entrusted the chronicler of the L’Equipe channel in comments relayed by Foot Radio. That’s why I say they are inseparable. It would take a tour in the history of the Blues to find such a bond. We would have to go back a long way. I think this is great news for the France team, of course. And I’m afraid that’s great news for Real Madrid. Because no one will make me say that if Karim and Kylian have come together to this point … It is because there is the Blues in hyphen, but I think there is Real Madrid behind. “

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