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big tensions announced internally, Leonardo released from everywhere?


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PSG rarely goes through serene periods, the news always taking care of putting the club of the capital at the center of the discussions. In recent days, it is the case of the aggression of Kheira Hamraoui that has shone the spotlight for Paris. A club that would also be faced internally with a lot of upheavals.

Indeed, the journalist Romain Molina created the event last night with a Space Twitter to the many particularly shocking revelations behind the scenes of football. At the same time, Molina spoke behind the scenes of PSG and in particular the Leonardo case which seems to crystallize a lot of resentment …

Leonardo hated everywhere?

According to him, the atmosphere would be deleterious internally with many departures from the guard closer to Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, while Leonardo would no longer have much support. “PSG is burnout after burnout. It’s the internal stampede. All the guys around Nasser are pulling out (…). And Leonardo, he’s hated. (…) But the most shocking is Leonardo who slams everything on Icardi when the coach did not want him. Ask Ancelotti and Maldini what they think of Leonardo, ”said the journalist on the subject PSG …

to summarize

Obviously, on the sidelines of a news already loaded lately, the PSG would be shaken by a number of internal tensions. While Leonardo, the Brazilian sporting director, would be more particularly in the crosshairs.

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