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big turnaround for the sale, a new surprise in sight?


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The possible sale of AS Saint-Etienne continues to generate a lot of ink. The club have indicated that they have not accepted the first offers. These candidatures did not have the required guarantees.

“In the process of selling ASSE, the firm KPMG Corporate Finance asked the candidates to present a firm offer on November 8 in order to be able to analyze the admissibility of the proposals. The shareholders had asked KPMG to send them the results of the analysis of the candidacies on 23 November. KPMG has communicated its recommendations to shareholders as agreed. The consulting firm considered that the legal and financial guarantees provided by the candidates are insufficient. Guarantees of investment in the development of the club or guarantees of the origin of funds have not been provided to date. None of the candidates can therefore enter into exclusive negotiations. “, Can we read in the statement of the Greens.

The club therefore rejected the last two files, but several candidates have just pointed out. Something to give hope to supporters and shareholders of the Greens.

“The shareholders are pleased to note that new candidates presented themselves with files which meet the criteria requested by KPMG and await with serenity the recommendations of the audit firm concerning these candidates whose financial capacity is indisputable with a desire to conclude as soon as possible, ”said the club.

to summarize

The sale of AS Saint-Etienne is not over. The club refused several applications, but new candidates arrived. What relaunch the procedures.

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