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Bordeaux-PSG: Paris “has things to improve”, according to Pochettino


Lionel Messi continued his care this Friday, is he package?

Yes, he is not available for the Bordeaux match.

Are he and Leandro Paredes able to play with the selection when they are injured?

He’s going to travel to Argentina and we’ll see if he can play for the national team. The rule is that the player travels with the national team (to have his injury noticed). And for Leo Messi, I believe he is entering the period when he is available. I have a doubt about Leandro, I think he will not make the trip.

Since your arrival at PSG, you have never been able to field the same team twice in a row. Is this something that explains the difficulties of your team?

Yes, that can be one of the factors that can explain it. But also the covid situations and the injuries which mean that we cannot give continuity to this team. There is also a density of competitions that prevent some players from chaining.

You have set up a rotation system between Navas and Donnarumma, are you satisfied with it? And will you make a choice of number 1?

I am satisfied, they are responding positively to this situation. And we live this situation naturally now. Maybe at some point it will have to be decided, but there is a good situation and a good relationship between them.

Are you worried about the performance in Leipzig?

We didn’t start the game well, because there were two offside actions that continued. It creates a feeling of insecurity. After the fifteenth and the penalty stopped, we take control of the match: we come back to the score and we get situations to have a larger score. Too bad to be caught, but there are things to improve.

Tuesday evening, you said you had “the project and the ideas”. Could you describe for us how you would like to see your team play?

We are in a process of construction and we must first tackle the priorities and in particular the individual improvement of the players. We have a workforce with 33 elements whose management is important on an individual and collective level. After that, we can think of a collective way of playing. But it takes a solid foundation to develop something sustainable. Without a doubt, I would like to win every game 5-0 and have possession 75% of the time, be in the opposing court and get the ball high. And often I don’t sleep at night because of it.

Presnel Kimpembe is the player you’ve used the most since the start of the season. Did you pull the rope a little too much with him?

All decisions were made with the performance and medical sector. He was never pushed or forced to play. In all humility, I would have told him if that had been the case. He has a little pain that prevents him from being with us in Bordeaux.

Where is Layvin Kurzawa and is it possible to see him play?

We have several players in this situation. We spoke with Layvin at the start of the season. At his post, there are several players, he trains well and is very professional, but today there are a lot of people at his post.

Many supporters would like to see Xavi Simons with the professional group. How do you explain that it is not there?

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There is a simple explanation: we have 33 players who train with us. Young people must have space to show off. It is not ideal for a player to train with the pros and on weekends to play the Playstation without having playing time. We have always liked working with young people, they do not need only spaces, they need to know they can play. If the player feels that he does not have this possibility, he may become discouraged, frustrated and this is where he begins to regress. We would like to have the possibility of integrating more players. With a workforce of 20 or 22 elements give the opportunity to four or five players to come, play and prove themselves.

Neymar had a good performance against Lille and then Leipzig. You must be satisfied to see him return …

I am a coach who is always satisfied not only with him, but with the rest of the team when the commitment and the gift of self are there. Today, we have results that are due to the will and the gift of oneself and this is perhaps not what we expect from a team like PSG. Once the states are there, I am convinced that the performances will be there.


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