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Case of the sextape: Valbuena was “afraid for his career in Blues”


Since Wednesday, the trial of the sextape affair with Valbuena has (re) opened in the victims’ camp. The former OM gave his version.

Tuesday night, Karim Benzema signed with Real Madrid a victory over Shakhtar with a goal. Wednesday morning, he was conspicuous by his absence from the Versailles Criminal Court for the reopening of the trial concerning the sextape affair. The absence of the Madrilenian among the five defendants is not a surprise even if Mathieu Valbuena regrets that his former teammate is not there.

“It’s been six years that we have had this case. I see that everyone is there … almost. Karim (Benzema) is missing. It’s a shame, but that’s how it is. at the end. We have been waiting for six years. We are there as long as it takes for all of this to be behind me “, dropped the former Marseillais in front of journalists.

Called to the bar first, Valbuena did not have time to think about it and delivered his version of the facts and in particular of the blackmail which he objected with this famous video of a sextape which would have turned within the Blues according to one of the defendants.

If he admits to never having considered donating money to prevent the video from coming out, the current Olympiacos point guard believes he was afraid his career would end with this affair.

“I felt in danger and my instinct was to file a complaint”, he confided, adding to have feared for his career. “Football is my life. I knew that if this video came out it would be complicated with the France team”, he added, before recounting this famous discussion with Karim Benzema within the Blues, in the fall of 2015.

“When he (Karim Benzema) tells me he wants to talk to me, I don’t think he’s going to talk to me about this, he assured at the bar. When I had this conversation, I walked out of that room, I was shocked. I felt that he insisted on making me meet a person who was to act as the intermediary. His trusted person (Karim Zenati). He was very insistent. “

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Valbuena is weighed down, his teammate in Blues was not trying to help him. “We do not live in the world of Care Bears. I knew very well that if I met this person, it was not for football tickets in exchange. He did not talk to me about money, I still have it. said, but he was insistent. He didn’t want to help me, he told me ‘it’s hot, the Euro is coming…’ “

And the former Marseille to conclude: “But me, I would never have complained if I had known that Karim Benzema was in this story. For me, for the France team … This story hurt me because otherwise, I would have had to participate in Euro 2016. “

In the end, this case got the better of Mathieu Valbuena’s history with the France group since he will never be called again by Deschamps following the publication of this quarrel with Benzema and the legal proceedings which have lasted for six years now …


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