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Coman, Deschamps still has a problem …


Kingsley Coman’s superb match against Kazakhstan highlights the weakness that was that of the right side of the Blues in recent months. But will Didier Deschamps dare to keep his post?

It is undoubtedly the sector of the game where the site is the most important in the French team. Holder since the 2018 World Cup, Benjamin Surname is far from giving all the guarantees on the right flank of the defense, but the lack of competition allows it to retain its place. The problem is that the recent change of system operated by Didier Deschamps brings the Bayern Munich player to play a notch higher, in a role of right piston where his limits (offensive, essentially) are highlighted.

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Pavard had been in great difficulty against Switzerland, not at ease either in the League of Nations against Spain and Belgium. Remember Paul Pogba’s rant against him… So, facing Kazakhstan, Didier Deschamps dared to do something else: to align Kingsley Coman, a pure winger, in place of Pavard. And what do you think happened? The player trained at PSG was untenable, delivering two assists to Mbappé in the first period. Day and night with Pavard. For Deschamps, the bet is winning, but …

“Faced with other adversaries …”

“It’s a balance of power, entrusted the coach after the meeting, relays Foot Mercato. Today it was, in my opinion, not risky at all, as I imagined that we were going to have a lot more the ball, and that from there, Kingsley, in his hall, would end up in the opposing half or in the last thirty meters. And there, he has this ability, because he had very good sensations, percussion, quality of center. “

Coman therefore satisfied the coach. But the problem of the right flank of the Blues is not resolved so far. Because Deschamps will have to dare to repeat this experience against a nation more dangerous than Kazakhstan, against a team that could exploit the shortcomings of the Bayern winger on the defensive level. ” I never do a one shot, it’s an option. Is it possible to repeat it? Yes it’s possible“, Assures Deschamps, before warning: “Faced with other opponents, it requires adjustments. ” We should therefore review the titular Coman as a straight piston. But not all the time…

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