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Crucial day for Benjamin Mendy


Accused of six rapes and a sexual assault, Benjamin Mendy must be heard this Wednesday for his trial scheduled for January 24.

Incarcerated in Altcourse prison, north-east of Liverpool, Benjamin Mendy will briefly be released from prison on Wednesday. The tricolor world champion is indeed expected at Chester court where he must be heard for his trial which is to take place on January 24.

Accused of six rapes and a sexual assault, the former Monegasque will have to tell the court if he pleads guilty or not guilty. And his answer will be crucial. If he answers in the affirmative, the trial will not take place and he will benefit from a reduction in sentence of one third. While he risks between 5 and 10 years in prison, his sentence should therefore be between a little over three years and almost seven years in prison.

If he pleads not guilty, the trial, which should last between two and three weeks, will take place and the Mancunian therefore faces a sentence of up to ten years of imprisonment. Unless he manages to convince the court of his innocence, he who fiercely denies the accusations against him.

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