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Darmanin and Labrune speak after the meeting, four priorities set


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In comments relayed by RMC, Vincent Labrune quickly spoke, ensuring the total unity of the football world while Noël Le Graët was also present. “There is no ambiguity. French professional football has presented itself in a united, united and determined manner. Everyone agreed on the objectives. It is a scourge, an absolute emergency, we are aware of our responsibility ”.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin drew up an initial assessment with four important priorities. “We agreed to work together on four subjects: the first being that of the ban on stadiums, the issue of security, of the stadiums and the issue of private security, since we need to improve the control of access to the stadiums, the acceleration of the decision-making process of who stops a match, how to stop a match, what responsibility when you stop a match ”.

Finally, the Minister of the Interior assured that the state of mind was constructive and that another meeting was already scheduled. “We have agreed to work very quickly and in two weeks to find ourselves in the same format to formulate proposals to the Prime Minister and to the governing bodies of our football,” said Gerald Darmanin. We have worked in a constructive spirit. Our desire is to work together (…) to evacuate the active minority which pollutes the spectacle (…) to protect the players, the families who go to the stadiums. Rather than giving in to the emotion that grips us all when a show is ruined, we prefer to work seriously in the perspective of a fortnight ”.

to summarize

The summit meeting between French football authorities and the authorities ended on Tuesday at the Interior Ministry after the incidents at OL – OM. Gerald Darmanin and Vincent Labrune spoke …

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