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Di Meco’s indictment against OL


Not that he targets OL in particular, but Eric Di Meco, former emblematic player of OM who has become a consultant, is calling for exemplary sanctions on Monday, the day after a very sad Lyon-Marseille.

Enough is enough ! In the eyes of Eric Di Meco, it is up to the Disciplinary Commission to strike hard where it hurts to deter troublemakers from cracking down in the future. ” Serious sanctions against clubs are needed, estimates the former full-back of loon on the airwaves of RMC. It is not by sanctioning guys that we will solve the problem. For most boisterous kids, going to jail is a claim to fame today. The guy who threw the bottle, if he gets kicked out for life, that’s going to be a claim to fame too. You won’t solve the problem like that. »

Revolted, the former international tricolor notes with bitterness that the measures taken at the end of a pathetic Nice-OM, at the end of August, did not have the expected effect. ” Society has become hyper violent. It reverberates in the stadiums. If we don’t hit hard at that point, we’ll pay him back. It will set a precedent. We will religiously await the decisions of the disciplinary committee because they have an enormous responsibility for the future of football. After Nice-OM, I was rather in agreement with the sanctions because we were told that there was no case law, that the athlete had to be taken into account. It looked balanced. It is clear that no … »

Lost match and five games behind closed doors

To put the stop, Eric Di Meco advocates absolute severity, and systematic. And too bad if l’OL pay the brunt first. ” The only way to resolve it is already to prohibit the movement of supporters outside and when there are projectiles thrown, you bring the two teams into the locker room. And if it happens again when they come back on the field, it’s a lost game. If we do this, I’ll tell you, maybe it’ll happen again once or twice, but then it’s over. Behind, you put five matches behind closed doors. Only by typing hard will you solve the problem! »

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