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Fear of OM


It is this Wednesday evening that the Disciplinary Commission is looking into the case of OM and the incidents that punctuated the reception of PSG on October 24.

It’s been three weeks since the case was placed under investigation, for a verdict expected this Wednesday evening. On October 24 at the Vélodrome, loon moved back PSG in a boiling atmosphere – a little too much perhaps since various incidents punctuated the game: from the throwing of objects on the lawn during the Parisian corners to the intensive use of smoke through the appearance of a streaker on the lawn to annihilate – more or less voluntarily – an action carried out by Lionel Messi.

Since September 22 and the excesses observed in Angers, the Marseille club has been subject to a suspended penalty of one point – and incidentally a travel ban for its supporters – a suspension which could fall today according to the interpretation and severity of the Disciplinary Commission of the Professional Football League (LFP). The League which has already called OM to order on many occasions this season.

The camera, a lesser evil?

On the side of the Olympian staff, we want to be confident in specifying that such a lifting of the reprieve should only respond to a recurrence of the facts initially sanctioned: namely violence following an invasion of the field, this which had been observed at the end of September at the Raymond-Kopa stadium. OM, which this Wednesday in Paris will be represented in particular by Laurent Colette, its deputy director general in charge of operations, insists on strengthening its mobile net system, and on the widespread use soon of a card system. ” access to the stadium to formally identify potential troublemakers.

According to L’Equipe, the tendency – known as “fragile” – would be relative leniency and yet another chance as to the penalty point that threatens the Marseille club. On the other hand, the Stade Vélodrome should not escape the closed door. It remains to be seen in what proportions and for what deadlines …

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