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Griezmann is a “problem” for the Blues, Ménès denounces


Despite the great success of the Blues against Kazakhstan, the positioning and behavior of Antoine Griezmann continue to displease Pierre Ménès.

Eight goals scored, none conceded, all forwards who score, Kingsley Coman who drives the right flank… There are many reasons for satisfaction for the France team, after its very large success against Kazakhstan (8-0) on Saturday night. However, Pierre Ménès remained hungry, especially because of the lack of creativity of the midfielder of the Blues.

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The consultant does not hold it against Adrien Rabiot and N’Golo Kanté, who remained in their role, but rather to Antoine Griezmann, who played way too low for his liking. « Until his decisive corner for Rabiot, he was ghostly, deplores Ménès in his analysis for the Pierrot Le Foot website. Not a shot, not a pass apart from his blow with the scarf… It’s too little, especially against an opponent of this caliber. He must do more. And then, what is this positioning? He has not changed his position compared to the Nations League matches a month ago. However, last night it was neither Belgium nor Spain. “

“Griezmann does not manage to integrate”

“He could (should) have let Kanté and Rabiot get away from it all in the middle and play closer to Benzema and Mbappé. So, some say that Mbappé and Benzema do not play with him. But is he playing with them? He passed to Mbappé, who shot the goalkeeper and… that’s it. This confirms what I’ve been saying and what I’ve been thinking for weeks: Griezmann can’t fit in, worries Ménès, who minimizes the scope of the best match of the Mâconnais with the Blues this year. While everyone insisted on the quality of the Griezmann-Benzema connection against Finland in Lyon, I have never heard of a connection between Griezmann and anyone in any other game. Griezmann having returned to a good level at Atlético, it cannot be a problem of form at the moment. It is therefore a concern of compatibility. “

According to Ménès, the evil is quite deep, which is why he prefers to sound the alarm. « So of course you are going to say to me: ‘What are you fucking us, we won 8-0!’ But it will be too late to be moved by this ‘Griezmann problem’ when the Blues meet stronger teams. Meanwhile, Mbappé and Benzema have scored ten goals between them in the last three games for the France team. “

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