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Guimaraes ‘tackle on Les Gones’ state of mind


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Zero. This is the number of victories for Olympique Lyonnais in December. 13th in the championship after their sad 1-1 draw against FC Metz, the Lyonnais ended the year in a very sad way. On the lawn of Groupama Stadium, the evening could have been worse without rather favorable arbitration decisions. Faced with this new underperformance, voices were raised against the new poor copy made last night, in particular from Bruno Guimaraes, the Lyon midfielder. Indeed, the Brazilian did not hesitate to castigate the state of mind of his team.

“We’re still talking about showing on the pitch …”

“I’m going to have a bad Christmas because of this. I hope we will change our minds to end the year on the podium. That’s the most important. We always do 60-70 good minutes. , but we never play well for 90 minutes. That’s what we missed in the first half of the season, we have to stop with that. We always talk about showing on the field, but we have to do more You can’t score and take a goal a minute later, that’s unacceptable, “he explained. Strong words which now await repercussions on the ground. For that, it will be necessary to wait until 2022.

to summarize

Olympique Lyonnais (OL) conceded a draw against Metz yesterday in Ligue 1. Bruno Guimaraes strongly criticized his team’s state of mind on the pitch. He feels his group is not doing enough to win.

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