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Is Icardi still a PSG player?


In the midst of an international break, Mauro Icardi, who is credited with leaving Paris Saint-Germain, offered himself a small 4-day trip to Dubai with his partner.

Mauro Icardi does not look like an unhappy man. While his compatriots Lionel Messi and Leandro Paredes prepare the clash against Brazil with the Argentina team, the striker of PSGhe spent a sunny international break.

After a few days of training with his club (we see him appear on the video published by PSG on Wednesday, then on that of Friday … but with the same images), Icardi offered himself a little trip to Dubai to join his companion Wanda Nara, with whom everything now seems to be going well. The former Inter player spent an extended weekend there if we are to believe the young woman’s latest Instagram post, which evokes “Four unforgettable days” spent as a couple in the Emirates.

If we trust the player’s Instagram account, moreover, we see that Icardi took a little tour of Milan at the beginning of last week, before his trip to Dubai. His last football photo dates back to October 26, and it’s also wondering if, in his mind, Icardi is still a PSG player.

Especially when the information from Foot Mercato, which last week provided that Icardi wanted to leave Paris for “To find a quieter club, where he would be a major element and where he could take care of his family”. With regard to the first two points, this can be understood. For the last aspect, it should be remembered that PSG gave Icardi the time he needed to resolve his relationship problems, and that he had obviously been entitled to four “off” days last week to go to Dubai. . But that may not be enough for him …

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