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It’s terrible for Griezmann


Little in sight for several matches with the France team, Antoine Griezmann suffers from the comparison with the tandem formed by Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé.

Antoine Griezmann had another difficult evening on Tuesday in Finland. Placed at the heart of the game, the Madrilenian was however little found by his teammates, having to be satisfied with a meager opportunity – missed – shortly before the half hour of play. And if he seemed to find color at the entrance by Karim Benzema, he had to come out in stride, replaced by Matteo Guendouzi. It was therefore from the bench that he saw the Benzema-Mbappé tandem confirm their exceptional agreement.

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The statistics are terrible for the Mâconnais. Because Kylian Mbappé and Karim Benzema Even though they only spent 35 minutes together on the lawn, the two men found each other in an amazing way. According to Opta, Karim Benzema is thus the player that Kylian Mbappé has found the most in the field, with no less than eight assists for the Madrilenian. Conversely, half of Karim Benzema’s passes went to Kylian Mbappé (10 out of 20).

Even Griezmann is admiring

Didier Deschamps was also full of praise about the two men at the end of the meeting, disregarding Antoine Griezmann. ” It seems easy, because they have this technical capacity, the complementarity too. Karim has formidable efficiency and Kylian confirms the talent he has. For the opponent, it’s complicated. I’ll put them in ice cubes to keep them cool (smile). The combination of qualities and talent allows the French team to be even more efficient. “, Thus entrusted the French coach about them.

After the match against Kazakhstan, Antoine Griezmann himself confided his admiration for his two friends. ” It’s a great pleasure to be able to play with Kylian and Karim and I always try to put them in the best conditions. And to see them play as they did, I am blown away, I think like the supporters and sometimes I stop and I watch them do. As they are higher, they have more facilities to find one-two and to do extraordinary actions. He had explained, seeming to adapt to a role in the shadows.

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