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Larqué atomizes the Greens


Jean-Michel Larqué sharply attacked Saint-Etienne players following the new shipwreck of the Forez club on the Strasbourg lawn (5-1) on Sunday.

Saint Etienne is at bay. Red lantern of Ligue 1, the Greens fell a little lower, Sunday, on the occasion of their trip to Strasbourg. A visit to the Meinau which turned to the correction (5-1) for ASSE. After ten days, the Stéphanois have still not won a single match and the situation is becoming critical.

And if Claude Puel, whose days at the head of the club seem numbered, obviously appears on the front line, the players are obviously not immune to criticism. Present at the microphone of Jérôme Rothen, Monday, Jean-Michel Larqué did not spare them … “When I went to Saint-Etienne for the inauguration of the Robert-Herbin training center, it had been seven or eight matches that they had not won. But young and old, they didn’t care, did he regret. They didn’t give a damn. I did not see people concerned. Me, I have a temperament to be anxious, when things are going well I think of the worst. But they were in the worst part, and they thought they were champions of France. “

Instead of shoes, they have clogs

An attitude inconceivable in the eyes of the former international tricolor, who did not hesitate to put a layer on the lack of awareness in the ranks of Saint-Etienne. “I’m not telling you what the club’s attitude was after the ‘heroic’ draw against OL in the derby (1-1). You had the impression that there was no danger, that all the problems were solved. They are unaware of the danger, and that is the worst thing. The guy is on the edge of the precipice, you tell him to take a step forward, he does it “, he asserted.

And to believe the former midfielder, the problem is more general: the Saint-Etienne players are simply not good enough for Ligue 1. “Whether it is Dupraz, Tartempion or Latuile who arrives, if they (the players) do not realize the danger … They are made to be professional footballers like me to be a dancer at the opera”, he launched, decidedly back up. “Those who can save the day are the good players. And there is none today. I see guys who don’t know how to pass at 15 meters, who don’t know how to find the space, not to make a control… You have to be clear-headed: they don’t have the level. “ And Jean-Michel Larqué to put a last layer: “There are 41 professional contracts and there are between 15 and 20 who will never see Geoffroy-Guichard’s lawn because instead of shoes, they have clogs. How can you have 41 pro contracts? “

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