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Lille, three scenarios for a qualifier


If Lille will not be eliminated or qualified after their match against Salzburg on Tuesday night, a victory would allow Losc to take a big step towards qualifying for the round of 16.

One victory, two draws and one defeat: this is the record of the Losc after the first four days of the Champions League. What allow him to always be able to believe in a qualification for the knockout stages. While two matches remain to be played, against Salzburg and Wolfsburg, the French champions point to second place in their group two lengths from Salzburg, tied with Wolfsburg, and two points ahead of Sevilla FC.

Whatever the results of this 5e day, it is already clear that we will have to wait until the last day, in a fortnight, to know the fate of Jocelyn Gourvennec’s men, who would nevertheless be inspired to win, this Tuesday, against the champion of ‘Austria. Because for now, Lille can just as much finish first in its group as in last place.

Lille beats Salzburg

If Lille wins against Salzburg on Tuesday, Lille will obviously be in a strong position. But even a draw in Wolfsburg might not be enough if the Germans catch up on the goal average thanks to their reception from Sevilla FC and if Salzburg dominates an Andalusian formation, which will then be eliminated from all European Cups.

To be assured of qualification without having to win in Germany, it will therefore be necessary for Salzburg not to win against Sevilla on the last day, a draw between the two teams even becoming essential if, on the contrary, the Rojiblancos previously won against Wolfsburg on Matchday 5.

Lille draws against Salzburg

In the event of another draw against Salzburg, Losc will likely have to win in Wolfsburg to secure their ticket to the round of 16. Unless there is a happy combination of circumstances that would like Sevilla FC to win or draw in Germany on Tuesday before losing or making another draw with the Austrian champion on the last day.

Lille loses to Salzburg

In the event of a defeat against Salzburg on Tuesday, Lille would this time have no choice but to win against Wolfsburg on the last day to continue the adventure in the Champions League. Only one scenario could allow Losc to qualify without winning in Germany: a draw and even Sevilla FC win against Wolfsburg on Tuesday and defeat against Salzburg on the last day.

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