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Lloris defends Pochettino and finds obvious resemblance to Deschamps


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Since the start of the season, despite the results which plead in his favor, Mauricio Pochettino has been criticized from all sides for his way of playing PSG, which is struggling to convince despite an XXL transfer window achieved last summer. Nothing to worry about Hugo Lloris, who defended his former coach: “Even if the performance of PSG may not be up to expectations, the results are there. Compared to what he achieved at Tottenham, his challenge is not the same in Paris. We are dealing with two very high level clubs, but with different ambitions. Paris has even greater resources. Mauricio will be judged solely by titles and wins“he wished to warn in an interview with the Parisian.

Lloris compares Pochettino to Deschamps!

Little stingy with compliments towards the Argentinian, the captain of the France team even compared him to Didier Deschamps: “They are close to their players, straightforward and honest in their relationship. And of course, they try to get the best out of everyone. They have this strength to create a group and take it with them. A lot of things go into management, but that’s a talent, and this is perhaps the most important: to put in the head of the whole team an idea that can bring it to the top“He concluded. Words that should warm the heart of the PSG coach.

to summarize

Criticized since the start of the season on his way of playing PSG, Mauricio Pochettino saw Hugo Lloris defend him, while he compared him to Didier Deschamps. Support from his former captain who should warm the heart of the Argentine.

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