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Marquinhos confides on the start of the season!


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However, the Parisians had a mixed start in the Champions League: “even if people don’t necessarily believe us, it is often said that Champions League matches are always difficult. Brugge has proven it with the first two matches he has made this season. They have shown that they can play against great teams that have great players, and that they are ready. The Champions League is that. You have to play 100 percent of all matches because there is no easy match, no match won before kick-off. We showed that in this match against Manchester City, and we have to continue like this because we were able to win this match. It was an important victory, but nothing is done. It’s only the start of the season, just the start of the Champions League. You just have to keep working quietly and keep your feet on the ground because it was a great victory. We must value it, but continue to work. “

The Brazilian defender returned to PSG’s best performance against Manchester City: “We all said that to each other. Even the people who come to talk to me told me that we were very united during this match. We had a few difficult moments during the meeting. We were struggling to get out of it. Behind, we had to defend, give our all, and we saw the whole team capable of being united and solid defensively. We don’t just talk about the goalkeeper and the defenders, but the whole team throughout the match. It made it easier. During the match, we saw Neymar come to defend, Kylian (Mbappé) who saved a ball in the box too… Leo (Messi) also made efforts. It’s these little details that make a team win. It made the difference. “

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The defender of Paris Saint-Germain returned to the start of the season for his team. The Brazilian spoke of the contrasting debut in the Champions League and the capital performance of his team against Manchester City.

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