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Marseille v Metz match summary, 07/11/2021, Ligue 1


Marseille – Metz 0-0, OM held in check by Metz

Marseille faced Metz in the middle of the day this Sunday, on behalf of the 13th day. And despite its domination, OM returned empty-handed.

Not accusing the slightest setback in all competitions for six matches, OM received the relegated Metz to reposition themselves in second place in L1 behind PSG.

And the Marseille club started the game rather badly with a big fright from the 6th minute. Served by De Préville, Delaine could arm a close-angle grazing shot that Mandanda repelled with the help of his post.

And if the possession of the ball of Olympique de Marseille was overwhelming after the first twenty minutes (84%), OM had a hard time translating it into clear opportunities.

But a few moments later, Marseille would raise their voice and Payet drew a nice shot from the right, pushed back by the left square of the Metz cages.

Delaine nevertheless still made the OM cages tremble with a strike that would hit the Marseille left post.

The break was reached with this scoreboard unaltered, OM dominating but Metz showing biting in the counterattack as soon as possible.

But the start of the second half was going to be a game-changer. Author of a sole on the knee of Dimitri Payet who wanted to crochet on the edge of the Garnets surfce, Jemerson was expelled by the referee after consulting the VAR.

Metz would therefore finish at ten and the stake of the match would change for the visitors, even if Nicolas De Préville remained dangerous against, requesting Mandanda at the hour mark. OM retorted by an opportunity of Milik passing very close to the frame a few moments later.

Milik had not said his last word and ten minutes from the end, his resumption of the suspended head was dismissed by the right hand of Alexandre Oukidja.

0-0, final score. Despite their domination and no less than nine additional minutes, OM could not force the decision against a Metz team reduced to ten at the start of the second half. The Marseillais can regret.


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