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Mbappé chambered for his missed penalty


Hero of the miraculous victory won by PSG (3-2), Kylian Mbappé nonetheless missed a new penalty on Tuesday against Leipzig.

Scorer, decisive passer then at the origin of the penalty left to Lionel Messi: Kylian Mbappé was in all the right places, Tuesday, facing Leipzig. Yes the PSG again delivered a poor performance despite his victory (3-2), the tricolor world champion was sparkling, seeming to be the only one able to make the difference against Rotten Bullen. The Bondynois was also logically designated man of the match despite the two goals scored by his Argentinian friend.

Kylian Mbappé also had a golden opportunity, too, to complete his evening with a double. In added time, PSG were indeed awarded a second penalty, this time for a foul on Achraf Hakimi. And the six-fold Golden Ball then in turn left the ball despite the possibility of registering a hat-trick. But if a fortnight ago, against Belgium, two months after his missed goal against Switzerland at the Euro, the Frenchman had not trembled against Thibaut Courtois, this time he completely missed his attempt, his shot, while power, soaring above the goal. A failure of which the Parisian striker had fun at the microphone of RMC Sport.

Kylian Mbappé in any case responded in the tone of joke to the chambering in order of Jean-Baptiste Boursier. “Bravo for your generosity, it’s very nice to have wanted to make a fan in the stands kiff on the last penalty”, indeed launched the presenter of the Champions League evening, the hero of the evening adopting in turn the tone of irony. “Yeah… They are not allowed to have the ball!” They see more closely what it is now ”, he said with a smile on his face.

If he marked the spirits with his XXL performance against Leipzig, Kylian Mbappé has not escaped some mockery on Twitter.

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