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Mbappé, Messi lets go of his truths


Landed this summer at PSG, Lionel Messi has nothing but good to say about Kylian Mbappé and the Parisian locker room.

After more than two decades spent in Barcelona, ​​the change has inevitably been brutal for Lionel Messi. His adaptation to Parisian life was not easy, especially during the two months spent at the hotel. And if it was the same on the ground, the six-fold Golden Ball struggling to panic the counters as he used to at Barça, he however immediately felt at ease within from the locker room PSG.

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“I was lucky to arrive in a locker room with very good players and very good people. This is the most important thing, he confided in a long interview with Marca. My adaptation was very quick. It is true that at the beginning it was very strange. On the one hand, there is the difficulty of changing places after so many years in the same place, but on the other hand, it was very easy because I knew a lot of players and we talk a lot spanish there. There are some very good people. It’s a tight-knit locker room, you can see it from the outside and that’s something I’ve been able to confirm now that I’m part of it. “

Delighted to find Neymar, Leandro Paredes or Angel Di Maria, the Argentinian also quickly fell in love with Kylian Mbappé, even if its contractual situation took a long time to clear up. A departure of the tricolor world champion next summer is still relevant. Lionel Messi does not yet know what will be the outcome of the Mbappé soap opera. “The truth is I don’t know, he assured. Only he knows what is on his mind and what he is going to do. I can only say I’m glad he stayed here this year. He’s a very important player for us and for us to fight for the goals we have. His head is one hundred percent focused on our goals. He will then decide what to do at the end of the season. The truth is, I don’t know what’s going to happen. ”

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